Herbal blend 2 100g

For prostate inflammation, adenoma, dysuria and frequent urination

It soothes inflammatory processes and alleviates ailments that appear as a result of a benign prostatic hyperplasia (frequent urination, pain or difficulty in urinating, a sudden urge and a hesitating start when urinating, a weak and trickling stream of urine, inability to empty the bladder completely).

Urticae radix, Betulae folium, Polygoni avicularis herba, Lycopodii herba, Graminis rhizome, Equiseti herba, Petroselini folium, Millefolii herba, Basilica herba.

Put one soup spoon of tea in 250ml of cold water, and heat until it boils. When it boils, leave tea on low heat to cook for one more minute. After that, remove the tea from the stove, cover the pot with a lid, and leave it to steep for 30 minutes. Strain tea and drink it. Repeat the procedure three to four times a day. The tea can be sweetened with honey or sugar. People with diabetes should drink unsweetened tea.

It is not recommended that this product be used by people who are allergic to any of the aforementioned ingredients, by pregnant or nursing women, as well as children under 14.

Keep at room temperature, without direct exposure to sunlight.

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