Melprop-D ointment 50g

For the treatment of wounds and burns

Therapeutic action:
Melprop-D ointment, formulated on the basis of St. John’s wort oil and olive oil, calendula and yarrow, helps in the treatment of burns regardless of their origin, in the treatment of trophic wounds, fresh wounds, different skin lesions, frostbite, skin inflammations and rash. When the ointment is used as the primary treatment, it very quickly leads to decreased inflammatory effect, pain relief and skin regeneration. In the cases of skin rash in babies, the ointment soothes sensitive skin, acts as a natural antiseptic, and nourishes the tissue making it flexible and soft.

It is recommended:
• for burns from hot objects, hot liquids, radiotherapy, the sun
• for bedsores and lower leg ulcer
• for skin lesions caused by caustic substances and acids
• for fresh wounds, cuts and abrasions

Ingredients (INCI):
Hypericum perforatum oil, Olea europaea oil, Calendula officinalis oil, Achillea millefolium extract, Cera flava, Cera alba, Aqua, Palmolive extract.

Directions for use:
Before the application of the ointment, the wound should be treated surgically, taking care that it doesn’t start bleeding, in order not to slow down the process of skin regeneration. Additional treatment to wounds and burns can be done the next day as well. After the initial treatment and cleaning the wound, the ointment is applied to the wound or burn in a thicker layer, it is covered with sterile gauze and wrapped in bandage. If the wound or burn covers a larger area of skin and is of a higher degree, antibiotic therapy should be included (oral for smaller, intramuscular and intravenous for larger areas of skin). A recommendation for more serious cases is outpatient – hospital treatment with the help of Melprop-D ointment. Dressing is according to the type of wound or the degree of burn every 24 or 48 hours. The same method applies to the treatment of trophic wounds, bedsores and ulcers.
Facial burns are treated with an open exposure, except in special cases (the presence of ointment in the eyes can have an irritating effect).
First-degree burns as well as less serious sunburns are also treated with an open exposure, but those places are treated more frequently, and ointment is applied in a thick layer.

It is not recommended that this product be used by people who are allergic to any of the aforementioned ingredients. While the product is used, it may cause damage to clothes if it comes in contact with them.

Keep at room temperature, without direct exposure to sunlight. It is recommended that the product is kept refrigerated after opening.

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