Herbal blend 1

For bladder inflammation

It functions as a natural uroantiseptic and enables regular functioning and emptying of the bladder.Continued


Herbal blend 2

For prostate inflammation, adenoma, dysuria and frequent urination

It soothes inflammatory processes and alleviates ailments that appear as a result of a benign prostatic hyperplasia (frequent urination, pain or difficulty in urinating, a sudden urge and a hesitating start when urinating, a weak and trickling stream of urine, inability to empty the bladder completely).Continued


Herbal blend 3

For high blood sugar

It has a positive effect on the regulation of blood sugar level; it contributes to lowering and maintaining blood sugar level in a natural way.Continued


Herbal blend 4

For kidney stones and sand

It alleviates ailments that appear due to the presence of sand or stones in kidneys (pain, urinary tract infections, unpleasant burning during urination). When the tea is used for prevention, along with drinking a large amount of water, the possibility of the formation of kidney stones is reduced.Continued


Herbal blend 5

For liver conditions, gallbladder stones or sand

It alleviates symptoms that appear due to the presence of sand or stones in the gallbladder. It is used along with an appropriate diet in order to prevent recurring formation of gallstones after a surgical procedure. It has hepatoprotective effect, allows proper functioning and regeneration of the liver.Continued


Herbal blend 6

For phlegm

It stimulates mucus excretion from bronchioles, thins out thick bronchial mucus, and facilitates its coughing out. It functions as a natural antiseptic, and reduces the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat.Continued


Herbal blend 7

For nervousness, stress and insomnia

It helps in the states of stress, nervous tension and anxiety. It has a calming effect, and encourages restful sleep. It makes those who consume it fall asleep faster, and the sleep is not interrupted; also, stress which accumulates during the day is reduced.Continued


Herbal blend 8

For constipation

It improves peristalsis, aids natural digestion, and prevents lazy bowel syndrome and constipation. It relieves gases, bloating and cramps.Continued


Herbal blend 9

For genitourinary system infections

It reduces the possibility of development and multiplying of bacteria as the main causes of urinary infections, and helps eliminating them from the body through urine. It relieves ailments that accompany urinary tract infections, but also acts preventively, especially when it comes to people prone to frequent infections.Continued


Herbal blend 10

For stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis and ulcerative colitis

It neutralize ulcer symptoms, has an antibacterial effect, helps the effect of antibiotics and leads to the regeneration of the gastric mucosa and intestine. It helps the proper functioning of the digestive system and relieves symptoms that occur due to problems with indigestion.Continued


Herbal blend 11

For slimming

By the synergistic action of its herbal ingredients, Herbal Blend no. 11 stimulates elimination of excess fluid from the body, stimulates fat burning, has a positive effect on digestion and boosts metabolism. Regular consumption leads to loss of excess weight and reduction of cellulite, regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood, the body gets purified of toxins.Continued


Herbal blend 12

For candidiasis

Herbal blend 12 eliminates candida yeast infection which affects the oral cavity, stomach and intestinal flora.Continued


Herbal blend 13

For cycts and myomas

It alleviates symptoms, leads to a reduction of cysts and myomas, their decomposition, withdrawal and elimination.Continued


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